The Droidz

Add a whole new dimension to your event with The Droidz. They have performed in 35 countries world-wide, and delivered their unique fusion of improvisational comedy and leading edge technologies to millions of people, creating a magically entertaining performance every time.

Clients including Disney, Universal Studios, GNC, Sony, Microsoft, The Sultan of Brunei, Michael Jackson, BBC and Ford have all asked The Droidz to represent their name or products.

So whether it's an interactive 'close-up' performance, their twenty-minute show, or inclusion as part of a stage presentation, The Droidz will be sure to make your guests experience a memorable one.

The world’s most successful and

globally travelled entertainment of its kind.

Available for

  1. BulletMedia Events

  2. BulletConventions

  3. BulletPromotions

  4. BulletRoad Shows

  5. BulletTheme Parks

  6. BulletPrivate Events

  7. BulletPhotography

  8. BulletTrade Shows

  9. BulletTV and Film

  10. BulletCommunications

  11. BulletPrint Advertising


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